Exit and M&A Strategies

Providing an exit for the founding shareholders and the new shareholders is of utmost importance if your company is going to be successful in raising finance.  The exit may also be a chance to merge or be acquired by other companies.  Merger and acquisition strategies may also be paramount in growing and expanding your business.

Exit Strategies for you business

As part of developing a funding strategy for you business, we also identify the possible liquidity event and exit options for both the founding share holders and new investors.  We provide initial advice regarding the whole exit process, coordinate all matters to achieve the exit, and work with your corporate advisors to complete the process.  Our services include the provision of corporate strategy, compliance and investor relations liaison as appropriate.

We specialise in mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, management buy outs, financial trade sales, strategic trade sales, initial public offerings and reverse take overs.

Given the strong demand to list companies internationally we deal with the following Stock Exchanges : 

  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • Australian Securities Exchange
  • Deutsche Bourse

The Special Private Placement facilities can be utilised for stocks listed on these exchanges and for those listed on other recognized stock exchanges.

If you are interested in discussing exit strategies, are looking for advice on mergers and acquisitions or have any queries please contact us or fill out the Capital Raising Form.