Small Scale Offerings and ASSOB

We specialise in providing capital raising services to growing and emerging companies (usually small to medium sized public companies) that  are typically looking to raise between $500K to $5m.

Small Scale Offerings – Features

We have a proven Equity Capital Raising Process that helps companies get investor ready, improves their corporate governance and to raise funds compliantly under the Corporations Act.  We provide on-going services that help create and monitor the funding strategy and help to educate, coach and guide you through this capital raising process.  This process together with a crowdfunding equity capital raising platform greatly assists the company in the compliant distribution of their "matter" to investors, and significantly assists investors with due diligence while providing investors a professional and trusted process for interacting with the company and investing in the company's securities.

What is the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB)?

ASSOB is the world's largest and most successful equity-based direct offering crowd funding platform, showcasing investment opportunities in high-growth, unlisted companies. It combines peer-to-peer investment with a venture capital approach, enabling entrepreneurs and early-stage organisations to accelerate company development and to efficiently connect with Funders.  Approximately $130m of equity capital has been raised to date.  ASSOB also operates the only Secondary Sales Platform in Australia where investors can resell their shares.

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We as an ASSOB Sponsor, help guide companies through ASSOB application, admission and listing requirements and also guide them in their responsibilities and obligations to ASSOB (and under the Corporation's Act) as well as promoting companies to their network of investors.

ASSOB Rules of Admission

In order to list on the ASSOB platform the company must be an Australian public company.  The company must also maintain and update its profile page and a quarterly activity statement must be published on the company's profile page.  The company must maintain a professional share register and trust account.  We assist in providing guidance around these requirements.

The Equity Capital Raising Process

The Equity Capital Raising Process involves a number of important steps that include:

  • Submitting the Capital Raising Form
  • Discussing with us your business strategy and funding requirements
  • Engage us to act for you in terms of providing business advisory and capital finance raising services
  • Submit due diligence information for Admissions Committee
  • Finalise financial forecasts, share capital structure and offer document
  • Hold a Discovery Meeting to explore investor distribution strategies
  • Submit offer document to Listing Committee
  • Distribute to investors networks while in VIP Mode
  • Run public relations and investor relations activities
  • Go live on the Primary Board
  • Distribute and liaise with investors
  • Execute on company milestones with monies raised

Capital Raising Process

Essential Elements for a successful Capital Raising

  • A compelling story
  • A balanced passionate team
  • Impressive credibility
  • Lots of followers
  • A proven successful process
  • A realistic valuation

How to raise more capital than you need for your business

If you are interested in raising private equity finance or have any queries please contact us or fill out the Capital Raising Form.

Selected Assignments

Recent Assignments

If you are interested discussing raising equity or have any queries please contact us or fill out the Capital Raising Form.  Our current assignments can be found by accessing our Investor Opportunities.