Investor Ready Services

In order for a Company to raise equity finance or capital, a Company has to be "investor ready".  This allows funders and investors to quickly review the opportunity and asses it's worthiness against known investment criteria.  Companies that are not investor ready are less likely to be successful in attracting finance capital. 

Capital can be sought from many sources including angel investors (seed capital), self managed super funds, equity partners, private funding, venture capital, private equity, high net wealth individuals, corporations or funds.

We have detailed below typical investor requirements in conducting due diligence.  For example, Investors like to understand:

  • What does the company do?
  • How does the company make money?
  • Who is running the company?
  • How the company has been valued?
  • How do they invest?
  • How do they safely exit their investments?

Business Plan / Strategy Development

In order to be investment ready, companies need to have a business plan, offer document, investor précis, information memorandum or similar documentation to explain to investors their business and strategy.  The following elements are usually included:

Business Overview

The business overview should include a vision statement, the background of the company, its progress to date or "stage of development" and the broad product and / or service offering.

Business Strategy

Industry and market analysis, routes to market and existing and proposed strategic alliances should be included in the strategy section. 

Marketing Plan

The marketing plan details the competitive analysis, target market segments, the unique value proposition, pricing and promotional plans.  This then leads into the operational detail and initiatives which then drive the financials.

Operational Strategy

The operational plan should outline the critical success factors, major risks and mitigation strategies, major milestones (actual and planned) and the actions plans or initiatives that will lead to the implementation of the strategy.


It is important that the business plan outlines the key human resources and how they contribute to the company.  This would involve detailing the Board and management team.


All of the initiatives above then feed into generating the financial forecast which is based on the profit and loss accounts (financial statements) and planned initiatives.  The balance sheet should include both "soft" and "hard" assets.

"Soft assets" included intellectual property, patents, trade marks, goodwill... and "hard assets" include plant and equipment, land and buildings.  Forecasts usually outline the profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet expectations over the next 3-5 years with the stated assumptions.

Use of Funds

It is important that investors or funders understand the capital required (debt or equity) to fund the business (to achieve the forecast) and over what time frame the capital is required.  The business plan should outline the use of funds.


It is important the business structure (type of company) is appropriate and the investor understands who are the existing shareholders, what the share capital structure is, and what the valuation of the Company is and what the proposed exit is for the Company and investors.

If you are interested in becoming investor ready or have any queries please contact us or fill out the Capital Raising Form.

Capital Investment Ready Services.

We serve clients by providing a unique mix of transaction and advisory services and long-term support.

Our team members are highly skilled professionals with global experience and a proven track record in mergers and acquisitions, public floats, creating financial and capital management strategies, equity and debt capital financing, asset management and undertaking strategic business development.

We serve predominately private and public companies, and sophisticated investors, with a broad range of capital market services.

Our experienced, independent and expert team is able to help you with a comprehensive range of "Investment Ready Services" to make your capital raising successful.

Corporate Advisory / Consulting Services

We provide corporate and business advisory, merger and acquisition advisory services. We can assist with advice on funding strategies and how to structure offers and provide the lead co-ordination role in raising finance or capital.  This includes sell and buy side engagements, mergers and acquisitions, listings  and strategic trade sales.

We also provide corporate advice to investors including due diligence and valuation advice and assist with transaction completion.

Financial Forecast and Model

  • Review of current financials (P&L, Balance Sheet)
  • Review and refinement of financial forecast (P&L) and balance sheet capitalisation
  • Provision of financial model and dashboard including P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash flow

Share Capital Structure

  • Review of company forecast
  • Calculating share capital and pricing to existing and new shareholders
  • Pricing the new equity and ownership to new shareholders
  • Calculation of the maximum valuation given earnings and company exit
  • Providing a report on Capital Structure

Company Investor Précis

  • 4 Page Investor Précis highlighting the investment opportunity
  • Generally includes executive summary; funding requirements, who to contact, company milestones, financial highlights, summary of the offer, key investment highlights, Board and management team profiles, other relevant information and detailed financials.

Business Plan, Offer Document, Offer Information Document or Prospectus

  • Offer Document compilation
  • Writing of offer document using proprietary template (content taken from client's business plan with financials and other information already provided)
  • Client liaison, reviews, changes and proofing
  • Word document only

Desk Top Publishing

  • Meeting to plan scope of work
  • Graphic design services for formatting of Offer Document
  • Fee is exclusive of purchasing professional images or any photography that may need to be completed

PR/Media Relations Services

  • Client liaison and story list identification for three key media opportunities
  • Drafting of media releases
  • Client approval process
  • Pitching to media and follow up
  • Media monitoring and clipping

Video Production Services

  • 4-5 minute corporate video
  • Client liaison and development and production
  • Professional video using "power point type style" and animation / graphics or
  • Professionally shot on HD DVD including sound and lighting
  • Editing including titles
  • Professional voice over and background music

Investor Distribution Services

We have access to a range of distribution mechanisms and platforms as well as public relation services. We are also able to provide access to our international and domestic network of offices and clients.

Director Services

  • Client meeting to discuss Board requirements.
  • Board search, selection and appointment.

If you are interested in utilising our comprehensive range of services or have any queries please contact us or fill out the Capital Raising Form.