How do I Sell my shares?

We represent a range of matters ranging from unlisted companies through to pre-IPO and listed companies and as such the share sale process may vary depending on the matter. Normally shares will be purchased with the exit or liquidity event "in mind".

Generally shares can be bought and sold through the Company's share register. A shareholder may transfer by proper transfer or by an instrument in writing in any form authorised by the Corporations Act 2001 or in any other form that the Directors may approve. The Directors may only decline to register any transfer in circumstances where the transfer is not in a registrable form or where the Corporations Act 2001 provides or would require that the registration be refused.

All share transfers and documentation relating to the transfer of shares must be documented in the Company's share register.

If the Company is listed on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board ( the Company's shareholders have the ability to access to ASSOB's restricted secondary sale platform where they can offer to transfer some or all of their holding. Users of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board Secondary Sale platform should be aware at the outset that ASSOB is not an established market for the sale or purchase of securities but merely provides a mechanism to identify potential investments or investors.

The sale of securities on a recognised exchange can be arranged via the appropriate broker.

If you are interested in selling your shares in a particular company or venture please contact us as we may be able to source an appropriate "counterparty".