How do I Invest?

Most of the companies we represent are selling shares for cash. The details of the offer will be contained in an Investor Précis or Information Memorandum. Prospective investors must make their own assessment about whether the price of the securities being offered represents fair value.

While most matters will be "structured" in terms of the sale share price and numbers of shares for a particular investment, the pricing of the securities provides investors with a guide only and the price paid for securities will always be a matter for negotiation between the parties.

Normally we will issue you with a Share Application Form and a Sophisticated Investor Form. The Application Forms contain the share price information and the bank account details for the deposit of funds (usually a Trust Account). Once the forms are completed the funds can be deposited via cheque or direct deposit / transfer. A completed Application must be accompanied by a single payment in the full amount as per instructions on the Share Application form.

Application Monies for Shares offered pursuant to the Offer Document will be held in trust until allotment of those shares (subject to reaching the prescribed Minimum Subscription requirement).

Note: For sophisticated investors who, pursuant to s708(8)(c) of the Act, are able to provide a "sophisticated investor" certificate from a qualified accountant, and for offers not received in Australia, there is no minimum or maximum investment amount.

Once the funds have cleared (and the minimum subscription has been reached) you will receive a share certificate from the company reflecting the investment.

If you are interested in investing in a particular matter or have any queries please contact us.