Investor Directors

A number of our clients are looking for experienced Directors that can add value to their enterprise. Board members will generally have extensive corporate experience "in the particular field" that the company is operating in (or have needed skills) and have broad commercial networks that the company may be able to leverage. It is preferable that Directors are familiar with Corporations Law and be a member of an appropriate professional body (eg. Australian Institute of Company Directors).

Directors are often encouraged to invest in the company creating strong alignment between the parties.

Benefits of becoming a Director include:

  • Participation in the company and the ability to add strategic value
  • The opportunity to "oversee" their investment (if they have invested)
  • Help the company grow, raise capital and realise its full potential
  • Utilise market reputation and networks to support company activities
  • Assist the company into new markets, expansion, an exit event etc.,
  • Ability to be remunerated in shares / cash

If you are interested in becoming an "Investor Director" please contact us.